• At the conclusion of a news conference on January 18, Health and Social Services Minister Gaétan Barrette (with scissors) cut a red ribbon to officially open Pavilion K. Joining him were (from left) Dr. Louise Miner, Director of Professional Services; Lawrence Bergman, former MNA for D’Arcy-McGee; Francine Dupuis, Associate Executive Director of West-Central Montreal Health; Pierre Arcand, Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Parks; Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of West-Central Montreal Health; Alan Maislin, President of the Board of Directors of West-Central Montreal Health; Allen Rubin, President of the JGH Board of Governors; Georges Bendavid, Director of Technical Services; Johanne Boileau, Director of Nursing; and Joanne Côté, Director of Transformation and Associate Director for Innovation and for Quantitative and Prescriptive Analysis.

    Journey to Pavilion K reaches its climax

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  • Caring Beyond

    Expertise + compassion = Employees who make a difference

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  • In December 2015, Arlene Greenberg paused to reflect on the highlights of her career, just as she was about to retire as Chief Medical Librarian of the JGH Health Sciences Library.

    How the medical library—and its chief librarian—changed with the times

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Stay plugged into our healthcare network

For everything you need to know about West-Central Montreal Health, be sure to check out the latest issue of 360°, the network’s bi-weekly staff newsletter. To find it, go to co.intra.mtl.rtss.qc.ca, click on “English” and look for 360° at the top right.

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Jimmy Holden, Operations Manager of the warehouse, uses the new fork-lift.

Centralized warehouse boosts efficiency in Pavilion K

To a significant degree, the ability to provide patients with safe, efficient treatment and care means getting the right supplies to the right clinicians as quickly and efficiently as possible. Achieving that goal has been much easier since October 23, when the JGH warehouse moved to Pavilion K.

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Major road work on the way

Starting in May and throughout the summer, major road work will be conducted by the City of Montreal on Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road between Westbury Avenue and Côte-des-Neiges Road.

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Annie Danino got a first-hand look at how Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg spent a typical day, in the JGH’s Walk in the CEO’s Shoes competition.

Seeing the JGH with new eyes by walking with the CEO

Social Worker Annie Danino says she has always been aware of the complexity of running a healthcare institution as large and diverse as the JGH, but watching the hospital’s executives in action gave her a new appreciation for their efforts.

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With gratitude to the JGH

A note of appreciation for the wonderful care I received at the JGH following an unexpected fall in May 2015.

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Goodbye cars, hello corn!

JGH to convert its parking lots into farmland As the price of food continues to skyrocket, and as the need for sound nutrition becomes…

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The team heading the implementation of the Patient Order Sets consists (from left) Bob Lapointe (IT Lead), Gosia Radaczynska (representative, Think Research), Dr. Elizabeth MacNamara (Medical Lead), Geneviève Beaudoin (Clinical Lead) and Serge Cloutier (Nursing Lead). Projected on the screen behind them is a sample Patient Order Set.

Making instructions for patient care clearer, faster, safer

New digital Patient Order Sets are ready to use and customizable

Imagine that you’re a doctor and you want to issue comprehensive instructions for nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and other members of healthcare staff who are providing care for your patient. Normally, you’d fill in a form by hand, relying on your experience and expertise to determine the measures that the healthcare team ought to implement.

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Four out of four doctors recommend Patient Order Sets

Standardized care: “If, for instance, surgeon A uses one antibiotic and surgeon B uses another, there’s a greater possibility that the right antibiotic at the right time may not be delivered to the patient. Patient Order Sets eliminate this variation and standardize care, making it possible to consistently apply policies and procedures, and making it easier to provide safe, high-quality care.”

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