November 2015

The team heading the implementation of the Patient Order Sets consists (from left) Bob Lapointe (IT Lead), Gosia Radaczynska (representative, Think Research), Dr. Elizabeth MacNamara (Medical Lead), Geneviève Beaudoin (Clinical Lead) and Serge Cloutier (Nursing Lead). Projected on the screen behind them is a sample Patient Order Set.

Making instructions for patient care clearer, faster, safer

New digital Patient Order Sets are ready to use and customizable

Imagine that you’re a doctor and you want to issue comprehensive instructions for nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and other members of healthcare staff who are providing care for your patient. Normally, you’d fill in a form by hand, relying on your experience and expertise to determine the measures that the healthcare team ought to implement.

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Four out of four doctors recommend Patient Order Sets

Standardized care: “If, for instance, surgeon A uses one antibiotic and surgeon B uses another, there’s a greater possibility that the right antibiotic at the right time may not be delivered to the patient. Patient Order Sets eliminate this variation and standardize care, making it possible to consistently apply policies and procedures, and making it easier to provide safe, high-quality care.”

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Members of many of the JGH’s allied healthcare teams have strongly endorsed and are looking forward to using the new Patient Order Sets. Among them are (standing, from left) Dr. Zeev Rosberger, Chief of Psychology; Donna Schafer, Chief of Clinical Nutrition; Gina Mills, Interim Chief of Audiology and Speech Pathology; Mary Lattas, Chief of Occupational Therapy and Coordinator of Ambulatory Services; Maxine Lithwick, Chief of Social Services; Sherry Katz, Chief of Physiotherapy; and Toula Trihas, Chief of Respiratory Therapy and Anesthesia; and (seated, from left) Dietitian Louis-François Côté; Occupational Therapist Debbie Kadoch; Social Worker Sandra Liebman; Vanessa Roberts, Education Consultant in Respiratory Therapy; and Physiotherapist

Patient Order Sets welcomed across healthcare disciplines

Teamwork, a hallmark of patient care at the JGH, is about to become even more effective and collaborative with the introduction of the Patient Order Sets, in the opinion of many of the hospital’s nurses and allied health professionals who have familiarized themselves with the new system.

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New to West-Central Montreal Health

The final appointments have been made to the senior management team of the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (West-Central Montreal Health), which encompasses the JGH and eight other institutions.

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Caring Beyond

Recognizing a unique blend of expertise and compassion

Patients who meet Alice Monette are to delighted to find an an Administrative Assistant whose warm and welcoming attitude—a mixture of professional dynamism and personal comfort—is so exceptional that it has earned her a Caring Beyond Award from the Humanization of Care Committee.

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In memoriam: Marilyn Dascal

When family, friends and colleagues recall Marilyn Dascal, one of their sharpest memories is the genuine delight she felt in helping numerous medical students and residents during her 30 years in the JGH Department of Professional Services.

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Keeping the JGH cleaner, leaner and greener

Ever stop to ask yourself how much energy is consumed by a hospital the size of the JGH? Consider this: our facility is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On an average day, about 65 patients are admitted, nearly 1,900 people make outpatient visits, 207 make emergency visits, and 11 babies are born.

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With gratitude to the JGH

The last year and a half has been one of the most difficult periods that my family and I have experienced.

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From the Co-Chairs of Nurses Week 2015

Nurses continue to provide much-needed care to patients every step of the way through their hospital experience, despite various healthcare challenges. This year’s JGH Nurses Week (May 11 to 15) focused on celebrating nurses’ expertise, which allows them not only to support patients, but to take care of themselves.

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Playing it safe for the sake of patients

Safety Week took the spotlight during the week of October 26, as staff in healthcare institutions across the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal heightened awareness about measures to improve the safety of patients, residents and clients, as well as personnel.

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Members of the Humanization of Care Committee—(from left) Jane Feldman, Marisa Rodi, Belinda Amodio, Alan Maislin, Rosalie Johnson, Vivian Konigsberg and Josina Van Den Nieuwenhof—gather in the main lobby for the launch of the Respect campaign.

New initiative emphasizes importance of respect for patients

Respect of patients for staff and among employees is equally essential, staff told

For four months in late 2014 and early 2015, George Mullings came away amazed after every visit to the JGH. He and members of his family were looking in on his hospitalized mother-in-law, and they were continually surprised—and grateful—that the respect they received from staff enabled her to maintain her dignity and good spirits.

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Another turn for Pulse in the winner’s circle

When you read Pulse, you’re reading the best!

The JGH’s bi-monthly staff publication was named Canada’s top magazine for hospital employees by the Health Care Public Relations Association (HCPRA) in May at its annual conference in Vancouver.

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Going the distance to balance personal life and career

For Hannah Jacobs, realizing her goals as a JGH Speech-Language Pathologist has also meant crossing the finish line beyond the hospital’s walls. This past April, Ms. Jacobs completed the Boston Marathon, one of the world’s oldest marathons, as a demonstration of her perseverance personally, as well as professionally.

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Members of staff conduct a simulation exercise in one of the new treatment areas in Pavilion K

A key moment for the JGH

Hospital takes ownership of Pavilion K as staff prepare to move.

After five years of construction, it’s done! The JGH has been handed the keys to Pavilion K—a symbolic gesture that means the hospital now formally owns its newest wing.

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