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Expertise + compassion = Employees who make a difference

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Caring Beyond

Seven exceptional staff members receive Caring Beyond Awards

Improving the patient experience is a goal that members of JGH staff aim for every day. However, the outstanding efforts of seven employees are so noteworthy that they have been recognized with Caring Beyond Awards from the Humanization of Care Committee.

Darron Jeffers [1]

Darron Jeffers

In the Radiology Department, Administrative Agent Darron Jeffers is known for his willingness to help technicians and other colleagues, even before being asked to do so. At the award ceremony last September 19, his friends and colleagues also agreed that Mr. Jeffers extends assistance to patients as often as he can.

For example, Helen Stranzl, a Transport Attendant, recounted an incident where “a diabetic patient expressed concern because he felt his sugar drop. Without hesitation, Darron took two tangerines from his own lunch to help the patient.”

Marie-France Bélanger [2]

Marie-France Bélanger

This same thoughtfulness characterizes Marie-France Bélanger, a Nurse Clinician in the Oncology Department, who received her award on October 27. “She treats each and every patient as though they were her son, daughter or parents,” said Judy Bridgewater-François, a Nurse Clinician in the Division of Radiation Oncology.

“She goes above and beyond, even pushing her own limits to make sure the patient has everything that he or she needs—and then some. Marie-France is professional, empathetic and full of knowledge that only comes with experience. She is a constant, a pillar, a mentor and the best colleague to work with.”

Fellow nurses Erika Martinez and Nadette Chan also commended Ms. Bélanger, saying that “she is devoted to the patients and staff without exception.”

Aware that Ms. Bélanger would be retiring in December, Ms. Bridgewater-François added that “when she retires, the clinic will be mourning.”

Moïse Collin [3]

Moïse Collin

A Caring Beyond Award was presented to orderly Moïse Collin on November 30, largely for the role he played in the Orthopedics ward last September 1, when Marcel Beluse experienced a severe, life-threatening drop in blood pressure that was subsequently brought under control.

According to his daughter, Micheline, her father was “delirious and somewhat violent throughout the treatment, and he now remembers nothing of the event, except for one thing: the gentle hands and face of his attendant, Moïse Collin.”

Ms. Beluse said she and her family are grateful for “all of the kindness, gentleness and respect that one would think he might give his own father. I cannot begin to express how indebted we are to Mr. Collin for his care. We are well aware that my dad is not an easy patient, but Mr. Collin has never wavered in his attention to his needs throughout the many weeks. He is to be commended.”

Louis Thiffeault [4]

Louis Thiffeault

For many patients who arrive in the Emergency Department, Security Guard Louis Thiffeault is the first person they encounter, and the one who helps make them feel they’re in good hands. At a ceremony on December 17, Mr. Thiffeault was praised by colleagues for taking initiative and for being conscientious, well -mannered, understanding and dedicated in assisting patients and their families, as well as members of staff.

Assistant Head Nurse Bess Muhlstock recalled an evening when “Louis was above-and-beyond helpful to me in the triage area. He made sure people knew what to do to be seen. He opened doors for them, whether they needed help or not. He pushed people in wheelchairs from the waiting room into the triage area, and he was pleasant, friendly and caring. He didn’t have to do any of these things; he chose to, and it made a difference.”

Brian Malubag [5]

Brian Malubag

Brian Malubag, a Nurse on 3Northwest who received his award on January 19, was described as taking care of patients as if they were members of his own family. Mr. Malubag was nominated by a grateful patient who said his care was provided by “an exceptional human being. Brian is very professional and caring. When I was down, he lifted my spirits with his kindness.”

Anne Ross, a Nurse Manager on 3Northwest, said that Mr. Malubag “has always been, and continues to be, someone patients can count on. He doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile for patients and their families. Keep up the good work, Brian!”

Terrence Gould [6]

Terrence Gould

When The Auxiliary’s Collectibles-Art and Antiquities Shop was preparing to open last year, it was Terrence Gould who helped make it look so appealing. According to Sylvia Quint, Co-Chair of the shop, the space—located just off the main lobby, and previously used as a yogurt shop—“was in a very dirty state.”

Ms. Quint said Mr. Gould, a member of the Maintenance team who received his award on February 16, did an exceptional job of cleaning the entire room, including the floor and the walls, and he was very pleasant at all times.

Lucie Tremblay [7]

Lucie Tremblay

On March 16, a Caring Beyond Award was presented to Lucie Tremblay, Assistant Head Nurse in the Oncology Clinic, in recognition of her observational and communication skills and her willingness to help her team members.

Judy Bridgewater-François described Ms. Tremblay as “extremely knowledgeable and caring, and this comes across in her approach to her patients, staff and friends.

“Lucie is always very respectful, open and interested in others’ points of view. She approaches every experience as a situation to learn and grow from, and she is always there when you need her. She is so intuitive that she can even anticipate that you need her, before you realize yourself that you could use the support.”

To recognize a JGH staff member who cares beyond, visit jgh.ca/caringbeyond [8], or complete a form in room C-107 or A-112.

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