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Dear JGH…

I want to let you know how impressed I was yesterday watching some very caring and attentive professional treatment of my family member. The person responding was a speech language pathologist named Jodi DiBartolomeo. My family member had been in the ICU, on a ventilator for more than a month. The treatment there was always excellent.

Moved to a ward for about a week, she was being prepared for transfer to a rehab. Yesterday, during my visit, she began to have difficulty speaking, and became very distraught. Her nurse came as soon as she was called, assessed the situation and called for a speech pathologist. I was very impressed with Jodi, who responded with great reassurance and patience.

Myrna Cohen
I am writing to express my appreciation for the high level of care that I receive in the cardiology unit, and my gratitude for the excellent outcome.

My comments apply to virtually every member of every category of staff, from the cleaning staff to the orderlies, dietary, nurses, assistants and of course the doctors. Although they are of diverse ethnic origins and cultures, their attitudes reflect a humanity and desire to do everything possible for the patient’s health. They help one another and are always “on the job”. I found them to be friendly, compassionate, courteous, proper and professional.

Thank you very much,

Philip Greenberg
My father Sam was diagnosed with colon cancer at the end of 2008, just after the birth of my daughter Avah at the Jewish General Hospital. I had been here before with my mother when she passed away to cancer 22 years ago.

The Segal Cancer Centre did not exist 22 years ago. It has evolved into a jewel in the crown of the Jewish General Hospital, a beacon of hope amidst the despair. It was also the place where I found my silver lining, Mr. Brahms Silver, an oncology social worker. A consummate professional, compassionate and generous with his time, oncology social work is not only in his calling, but also in his nature.

Lauren Small-Pennefather
My beloved wife Lorraine was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. I hope my letter will note my utmost appreciation for the care and consideration given my wife, myself and my family throughout the most difficult months of our lives.

Never had we felt more at ease than when Marie-France Belanger, a nurse in the Segal Cancer Centre, was on duty the days Lorraine would come for her dose of debilitating chemotherapy. We were always comforted knowing that despite hectic times on the floor, there would always be a moment in which Marie-France would come by with kind, reassuring words and encouragement.

Head Nurse Fabienne Germeil on 4 West is a model of commitment in making her ward run effectively. Fabienne went out of her way to make me comfortable in the most uncomfortable of circumstances. She took personal time out of her own day to be kind, helpful and considerate. Hallay Majid, a remarkable nurse on 4 West, was consistently warm and especially caring of Lorraine’s needs, with beside manner and concern unsurpassed. Unit agent Elizabeth Papadopoulos could always be relied on to assist. There was never a time that a call for assistance was not answered politely, and with warmth in her voice. PABs Cheryl Bryan and Joyce Lamptey could always be counted on for a smile and a kindness. Even when Lorraine was transferred to Palliative Care, they continued to ask about her progress and my status when they saw me on the floor.

The nurses on the palliative unit were soft-spoken and radiated immense humanity. Marguerita (Maggie) Jean-Charles constantly brightened a sad situation with a cheerfulness that was truly appreciated by my wife. Lorraine especially felt comfortable with Frederic Laurens’ gentle caring. Nurse Sorphea Hul brought sweet gentleness, honest concern and almost unbelievable commitment to all her patients. Administrative assistant Fotini Bokolos, with her myriad of duties to perform, was a truly warm and receptive human being to talk with in the swirl of life and death on 4 Main. I do not have enough words in praise of the deeply committed Nursing Care Associate Marylene Hetu. PAB Erickson Skerritt brought impeccable skill to a difficult and often dirty job with a bubbling personality and heartwarming smile on his face. Louis St. Laurent brought the patients’ meals from the kitchen, but he was far from being a humdrum delivery man. Louis knew all the patients and many in their families by name, and by their food preferences. The sound of a chirping bird outside your door meant that within moments Louis’ smiling face would bring the tray along with a kind word and encouragement. Social worker Vivian Myron was honest, direct, caring, and most important, trusted to listen well to her clients, while providing meaningful and sound assistance.

Sadly, Lorraine passed away quietly, succumbing to her cancer despite all the magnificent care she received. I assure you that my family and I will long remember how her days at the JGH were made easier by those I have mentioned in this letter.

Yours truly,

Bill A. Surkis


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  • I cannot express the difference Dr J.Faria has made in our lives My Husband had to have 2 surgeries in past 10 years and the professionalism & compassion we received was something so few rarely find . And it doesn’t stop there his secretary Georgia is so thoughtful and accommodating . The nurses are the best there is! He is one doctor that no matter what will answer all your questions put to rest all your worries, and in his answers like it or not is going to give you nothing but the truth . When you talk to him he looks at you , you are never a number , my husband and I are very grateful for Dr J.Faria . I am not the only person who feels that way all of his patients will tell you . In our lives there are a few people we meet that we will never forget he is one of them.

    sincerely Sandra

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