Setting the toner for change

Transformational Change has introduced two projects designed to provide JGH staff with simpler, faster and less expensive print services: a toner-on-demand program and multifunction machines.

Toner-on-demand program

The hospital’s 534 networked printers will eventually all be monitored by an external service provider, Metafore.

This new arrangement will spare JGH staff many of the tasks involved with printer use. They will no longer have to monitor their own usage, fill out requisitions, place orders, use up storage space or perform any cleaning. Metafore will change the toner before it runs out and clean the machine each time. The company also works during holidays, so there will not be any delay should toner run low, and emergency stock will always be available through Purchasing.

As of December 5, Metafore was monitoring 82 machines. Why only 82? Because many areas have overstocked toner, which means they first need to run through their current supply. Staff with a networked printer are encouraged to contact Purchasing as soon as they have placed their last supply in the machine, so that they can be added to the program. Machines monitored by Metafore will be tagged with a sticker in the coming weeks to make it easy for staff to differentiate them from printers that do not yet belong to the program.

Multifunction machines

Two new models of high-performing machines will replace printers that break down or that have expired leases.

The new machines will also provide all-in-one service, to replace multiple devices such as printers, fax machines and copiers. Staff will be able to print, fax, scan, copy, scan to email, scan to the Shared drive, print double-sided and allow for confidentiality with personalized or group passwords.

Further benefits to reducing the number of machines in work areas include added desk and storage space.

“We are introducing these new programs to benefit both staff and the hospital,” says Elliott Silverman, Senior Project Manager for Transformational Change. “We searched for simple, cost-effective solutions that wouldn’t interrupt day-to-day routines.”

If you would like to exchange your printing equipment with a new multifunction machine, contact
Mr. Silverman at extension 6063 or


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