Staffer puts her best foot forward
in the CEO’s shoes

Watch as JGH employee Kelley Fraser walks in the hospital CEO’s shoes.

Filling the Executive Director’s shoes is something that few JGH employees would ever consider. But the prospect of walking in his shoes for a day brought out the competitive spirit in a dozen members of staff. In the end, it was Kelly Fraser, an Administrative Assistant in Molecular Pathology, who was chosen from among a dozen applicants by Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg to accompany him for the better part of a day in the JGH’s Walk in the CEO’s Shoes contest.

“I thought it would be very interesting to spend a day with the person who runs the hospital to see what he does and be inspired to continue to do great work here,” Ms. Fraser explains. The day consisted mainly of attending a variety meetings with Dr. Rosenberg where, she says, she gained a better understanding of the way the hospital works.

“It was a little daunting with all of the people there, but Dr. Rosenberg is very easy-going and he made me very comfortable. I discovered that I hadn’t realized how many areas he touched on. At one of the meetings, there were people from different departments, and I realized how much input he has into so many of the decisions that are made here.”

Dr. Rosenberg said Walk in the CEO’s Shoes was created to give interested staff members a better idea of how and why certain decisions are made. “It helps people to feel that, in a way, they are like part-owners of the business. If you have a better understanding of what goes on, you might be able to contribute in more meaningful ways.”

Ms. Fraser adds that hearing about changes and new systems that were proposed for the JGH “definitely broadened my view of how big this hospital is and how much work is done here. I would recommend that others on staff enter the contest next year. It’s a really, really interesting way to spend the day.”


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